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ABITA Centro Interuniversitario di Architettura Bioecologica e Innovazione Tecnologica per l'Ambiente - Master



  • “Urban planning maximising the use of renewables energies” -

  • Targeted actions for awareness energies  

  • Development and Industrial Design of Active Building components  

  • UNI-AID - University Unite in Action for Information Diffusion

  • TIA 2000 -  Teaching in Architecture Energy & Environment European Network International Conference

  • OFFICE - Passive Retrofitting of Office Buildings

  • PV in SCHOOLS - Target action for the dissemination of PV in school

  • DAYLIGHT - Multimedia teaching pakage

  • MUSEUMS - Energy efficiency and sustainability in retrofitted and new museum buildings

  • PVPublish - Architectural and technical advice for PV integrated systems in public buildings

  • HOSPITALS  - Exemplar Energy Conscious European Hospitals

  • PV ENLARGEMENT  - Technology Transfer, Demonstration and Scientific Exchange Action for the Establishment of a strong European PV Sector

  • REETROFIT - Training on Renewable Energy solutions and energy Efficiency in reTROFITting

  • VIVIMED - SerVIzi innovativi per lo sVIluppo della filiera del turismo nell’entroterra dell’area MEDiterranea



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