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ABITA Centro Interuniversitario di Architettura Bioecologica e Innovazione Tecnologica per l'Ambiente - Master



The location where the classrooms for teaching and the space for the training activities of the Master ABITA are located is Palazzo Vegni, in the San Niccolò district, a particularly lively area on the artistic and cultural level in the historic center of Florence.


Interuniversity Center ABITA – Department of Architecture DIDA

Via San Niccolò 93 - Firenze

tel+39 055-2755328 -322 - 332 e 334 - fax 055-2755355.

Coordinator of the Master

Prof. Paola Gallo 
tel+39 055-2755332 I  e-mail:

Post graduate office

via Gino Capponi 9, 50121 Firenze | fax 055 2756741 | e-mail: master(AT)

Referent: Manuela Orsi

Schedule: monday - wednesday - friday  9 am - 13 pm | One hour before the branches open, access numbers are issued from a dedicated totem placed at the entrance of the office.


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